Demo Reel and Sample Illustrations

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Demo Reel:

Updates and Old Wayne

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I foresee there not being many updates here for a bit. I’ve gone back into writing. However, good news! I got an old canvas to paint over and can do another bioluminescence piece! Next up will be a Bathocyroe!

I can’t say when the Bathocyroe will be done, it all depends on mood and my hectic work schedule. Office Max keeps giving me 2 to 10 shifts. Yuck.

And because I always feel I should add a piece of art to each post, here is an OLD version of Wayne and Crabcake. As you can see Crabcake has never really changed, but Wayne was more realistic, except for his tail fin. I made him more cartoony with less whiskers and shorter tusks. His head is also more rounded in the old version. This piece was done back in 2011. I am glad how Wayne finally turned out, he’s much cuter now. ^_^


Wayne vs. Physics

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I was bored…wanted to draw something and I saw this meme on facebook and I decided to do it….almost didn’t…because water and ice suck. But boredom won. And it looks okay. Not the best. I’m too lazy right now to make it look really nice.wayne vs. physics

It’s Just a Dream

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So I had a dream and this is what I saw…except Buster was a great white. It’s kind of WTH but it was fun to draw and I liked the outcome. Never thought I’d see the day I’d draw Wayne from a dream. xD

In other news my Deep Sea Bioluminescence series is on hold until I have money to buy canvas and paint. ;-; Ugh…I hate being broke. Someone else hire me!!!




Deep Sea Bioluminescence

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So this is a new series I have been working on…well, I started it a while back but since I have space to actually paint I am doing it again! Yay! So these are three out of at least 8 paintings I will be doing about deep sea bioluminescence. The whole series will be done with a black painted canvas and the creatures will be in iridescent colors. I am using Golden brand Interference paint.

The first is of hatchet fish which is what started the series. They were creepy and fascinating.

The second is of moon jellyfish because I wanted something to mirror Deep Sea Nightmare. (This is when I decided I wanted to do a series)

Third is the most recent one of firefly squid. I may do more work on it but I haven’t decided.

Next will probably be a bristlemouth (Deep Sea Apparition). I have one large canvas left. And until I have funds coming in I can’t purchase more materials for the series. Anyway, I have been having a lot of fun researching bioluminescence and the creatures. Since a lot of them are deep sea that don’t come to the surface, there aren’t many references I can use. But I think that’s why I like them, because of the mystery surrounding them.

Photos and Such

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So I’ve been pretty inactive so I thought I would share some fun photography I’ve taken over the years. The first two have been manipulated. And please don’t mind the watermark on the crow one. I didn’t want to go searching all over the place for the original and just got it off of my DA account. The second one is a Gladiolus. It’s my favorite flower and I thought it would be a fun idea just having the water droplets colored. However I have found through the years that it is a very difficult flower to take a decent photo of. :\ The third is of a kitten that was on my uncles farm and I just somehow managed this amazing shot with this amazing lighting. The last is one of the first photos I took with my camera, with the black and white feature, of an abandoned building in my hometown. I wanted to give it a kind of haunted look, thus the angle. Unfortunately this building no longer exists.


But the reason for my inactivity has been me focusing more on writing than art. I have spurts that go from one to the other so I am sure I will get back to it when an amazing idea comes to me. Crow Silhouette Drops of Color Trot What May Lie Within

Wayne Meets Sherman

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Kind of the first official comic of The Adventures of Wayne and Crabcake….minus Crabcake. Unless, I count the printmaking comic I made, but I was never fully happy with that so I’m not going to count it. This is Wayne meeting my cat for the first time.
Sherman and wayne comic

In Memory of Joel

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Joel was my adviser and the Time Based Media teacher at UND. Though we never clicked very well as student and adviser, he did give me good advice and was a supporter of Wayne and Crabcake. He was the first one to tell me I should be doing comedy instead of my serious animations, when I thought I had no funny bone in me. He was the one that made it click that I was having trouble adding depth to my animations, when I always new something was wrong. Just a few weeks ago I saw him and he was giving me advise for my future career.

I wanted to draw something for him, but had trouble with what would be a good piece. And then this clicked…

for joel



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