Demo Reel and Sample Illustrations

•April 21, 2014 • 1 Comment

Demo Reel:

Adventures of Wayne and Crabcake Selfie

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Made a card for my friend for her birthday this October. Also made a non birthday version. I’ve been calling it “Selfie” lol

Lake of the Isles

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Here’s some new unedited photography. I added the best or the ones I liked the most. This time I went to Lake of the Isles and instead of taking pictures with my quick shoot, I went and did auto so that it wouldn’t turn out grainy. Because of that though most of the geese photos turned out blurry and even the two here have a slight blur in places, but these were the best out of a few. Gotta love those wading birds though…they stand so nice and still….the problem is getting close. Despite how humid it was I went all the way around the lake and it was fun.

Recent Photography

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Here are the good photographs that came out from when I went to the park in Minneapolis. I can’t recall what park it was…but it had this dandelion fountain that I saw from afar. I took many photos of animals too, but they turned out really grainy, thus they aren’t posted here. So it’s mostly flowers and insects. But I decided not to do any manipulation with them. At least not right now.

I fed squirrels and geese from my hand. I felt like a Disney princess. All I needed was a pretty dress and to break out in song! Haha. And I captured a Monarch! I could never photograph them when I was back in the Red River Valley. I was only able to get those beautiful Morning Cloaks that appeared one day and left the next! Those butterflies definitely had no fear.


Also, be prepared to see more art here in the future from now to December. I have decided to create story books for my niece and nephews. My niece will be getting a vampire story since she likes them so well. My two nephews will be getting super hero Wayne. I just hope I can make something good!

Updates and Old Wayne

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I foresee there not being many updates here for a bit. I’ve gone back into writing. However, good news! I got an old canvas to paint over and can do another bioluminescence piece! Next up will be a Bathocyroe!

I can’t say when the Bathocyroe will be done, it all depends on mood and my hectic work schedule. Office Max keeps giving me 2 to 10 shifts. Yuck.

And because I always feel I should add a piece of art to each post, here is an OLD version of Wayne and Crabcake. As you can see Crabcake has never really changed, but Wayne was more realistic, except for his tail fin. I made him more cartoony with less whiskers and shorter tusks. His head is also more rounded in the old version. This piece was done back in 2011. I am glad how Wayne finally turned out, he’s much cuter now. ^_^


Wayne vs. Physics

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I was bored…wanted to draw something and I saw this meme on facebook and I decided to do it….almost didn’t…because water and ice suck. But boredom won. And it looks okay. Not the best. I’m too lazy right now to make it look really nice.wayne vs. physics

It’s Just a Dream

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So I had a dream and this is what I saw…except Buster was a great white. It’s kind of WTH but it was fun to draw and I liked the outcome. Never thought I’d see the day I’d draw Wayne from a dream. xD

In other news my Deep Sea Bioluminescence series is on hold until I have money to buy canvas and paint. ;-; Ugh…I hate being broke. Someone else hire me!!!




Deep Sea Bioluminescence

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So this is a new series I have been working on…well, I¬†started it a while back but since I have space to actually paint I am doing it again! Yay! So these are three out of at least 8 paintings I will be doing about deep sea bioluminescence. The whole series will be done with a black painted canvas and the creatures will be in iridescent colors. I am using Golden brand Interference paint.

The first is of hatchet fish which is what started the series. They were creepy and fascinating.

The second is of moon jellyfish because I wanted something to mirror Deep Sea Nightmare. (This is when I decided I wanted to do a series)

Third is the most recent one of firefly squid. I may do more work on it but I haven’t decided.

Next will probably be a bristlemouth (Deep Sea Apparition). I have one large canvas left. And until I have funds coming in I can’t purchase more materials for the series. Anyway, I have been having a lot of fun researching bioluminescence and the creatures. Since a lot of them are deep sea that don’t come to the surface, there aren’t many references I can use. But I think that’s why I like them, because of the mystery surrounding them.


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