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Both photos were gifts that I was given permission to post. Both manipulated in photoshop, and all pictures photographed by me. final gift fear_not_for_tomorrow_by_phantom_daydream-d5qeoqf

Wayne the Siren

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I had a doodle idea after watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and just finally painted it on photoshop. wayne the siren

Wine Label Commission

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Wine labels I have done in the past for a customer. These were the second round of them where I used digital methods over traditional. I believe they were done in Corel.

Best of Photography

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This time around I chose 15 instead of 10 of my “best of photography.” I have so many photos it’s hard for me to chose. None of these are from my college photography class as I would have to scan them in, which I don’t have access to for a few months. These were all taken with a crappy Kodak Easyshare C180 digital camera. So to get some good quality photos like the berries is amazing to me.

I prefer to photograph old buildings (none of them made the cut) and nature. I also like animals but it’s harder to get good quality photos of them. I would like to spread out more and do weather photography, but I don’t have the equipment for that.

Best of drawings from my college career

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Next in my work I will be posting 10 drawings done in various mediums from my college career. Most were done for classes while others were done for other reasons. This collection is probably the best of my drawings with a variety of medium.

Next I’ll post best of photography and then eventually prints when I get them all photographed.

Recent Digital Work

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So I have decided to add to this blog, rather than let it waste away and not just add animations, but all of my art itself–to kind of promote myself as an artist.
First is my latest finished digital piece. An idea I came up that I thought was adorable and fit Wayne perfectly. He’s silly enough to do it too.

Second is a piece I did from a black and white photograph I took in one of my final years of college. I love dark contrast and wanted to draw it. Something ghostly and delightful.~
flying walrus
through the stairs webs

WIP Jackal

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WIP of my jackal. The background is finished as far as I know. I just have the Jackal left to finish. Trying to figure out how to do fur to make it more realistic. So just experimenting as I go.

I’ve been working on this on and off since 3/23/12. There was quite a long period in between where I was too busy to work on it or just wasn’t in the mood to fight with it. But I think this year it’ll get finished. I have definitely learned a lot by working on this.
Jackal Tomb WIP


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