Demo Reel and Sample Illustrations

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Demo Reel:

What I have been up to.

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I’ve been busy working on my first book in a Trilogy. I finally finished so that a selected few can read it and give me some criticism. This story was created seven years ago, but has drastically changed.

I felt bad for not updating in a while so I thought I would share a couple of doodles for you. The first is Aradia, the antagonist in my story, and Gwenifer the protagonist.  I usually can’t draw my characters from my head. I’m much better at drawing what I see…but this time they actually turned out alright.

The second is Zendreal, a sea monster that will appear later in the series. I needed a visual so decided to doodle. I just knew I wanted a huge, endless mouth….then I though of a pelican eel, and that is where the inspiration came from.

Aradia and Gwenifer

Aradia and Gwenifer



Edited Photgraphy

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I made calender’s for people for Christmas, so here is some of the edited photography. The latter four are ones I just had fun with while at work during a slow day.

Rose Red

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For my niece for Christmas I created her an illustrated book written by myself. My niece likes vampires so I created a story around this idea. When creating this story I added elements of something that I loved as a kid, Sailor Moon. I know if my niece watched Sailor Moon she too would enjoy it.

The story is called Rose Red and is based on a girl named Roselyn, who is in fact a Halfling vampire who is destined to become the savior of her city, which is settled on spiritual ground. A crow comes to her and becomes her mentor where she must defeat Mora, Queen of Nightmares and her subordinates, who are human like things with a deer skull as their head. She must stop them from stealing sweet dream energy.

I enjoyed writing this for my niece. At first I struggled, because I had to dumb down my words a bit and making a story like this made me shudder because it reminded me of my old stories which turned out too Mary Sue or the idea too overused. But I forced those thoughts out of my head, and tried to make it my own and something my niece would enjoy and then I finally was able to get past that first chapter and really enjoy writing it. I loved doing the fight scenes (as my current story I am working on doesn’t have many). I added a REAL character for a love interest instead of a stock love interest who I originally had. Of course, this story isn’t about love, just a small element to spice things up. This story is about determination and will and for fighting for others.

I also left room for a sequel for my niece if she should decide for one.

The illustrations were also fun to create, as well as challenging. I am horrible with backgrounds and loathe to even make them, but as you can see in some of them I did create some backgrounds, otherwise they would have looked very odd. Thankfully most scenes were in night so it was mostly darkness. I think I am most proud of the stained glass window of the rose though, even if it is fairly simple. The background was originally going to be darkness, but then I had a vision of her standing before stained glass and it seemed…poetic and very sailor moon-ish. My goal in working with these images was to create movement and emotion. I think I did alright, though it could be better.

Overall I am proud of this project and hope my niece enjoys it. And if I am lucky, she will like it enough for a sequel. :)

College Prints

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So here are my college prints, finally. I was looking at them and decided I should get them pictured. So sorry if the quality is bad, I didn’t have much patience to take the pictures with my pitiful camera. This isn’t all of them of course, just some of the ones that I like or ones I experimented with.

I really miss printing…it was so relaxing and fun.

Adventures of Wayne and Crabcake Selfie

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Made a card for my friend for her birthday this October. Also made a non birthday version. I’ve been calling it “Selfie” lol

Lake of the Isles

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Here’s some new unedited photography. I added the best or the ones I liked the most. This time I went to Lake of the Isles and instead of taking pictures with my quick shoot, I went and did auto so that it wouldn’t turn out grainy. Because of that though most of the geese photos turned out blurry and even the two here have a slight blur in places, but these were the best out of a few. Gotta love those wading birds though…they stand so nice and still….the problem is getting close. Despite how humid it was I went all the way around the lake and it was fun.

Recent Photography

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Here are the good photographs that came out from when I went to the park in Minneapolis. I can’t recall what park it was…but it had this dandelion fountain that I saw from afar. I took many photos of animals too, but they turned out really grainy, thus they aren’t posted here. So it’s mostly flowers and insects. But I decided not to do any manipulation with them. At least not right now.

I fed squirrels and geese from my hand. I felt like a Disney princess. All I needed was a pretty dress and to break out in song! Haha. And I captured a Monarch! I could never photograph them when I was back in the Red River Valley. I was only able to get those beautiful Morning Cloaks that appeared one day and left the next! Those butterflies definitely had no fear.


Also, be prepared to see more art here in the future from now to December. I have decided to create story books for my niece and nephews. My niece will be getting a vampire story since she likes them so well. My two nephews will be getting super hero Wayne. I just hope I can make something good!


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