Demo Reel and Sample Illustrations

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Demo Reel:


Fire Red

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I meant to post this a lot sooner but life and things. These are not in order. The website was being really glitchy. This is the illustrations to my niece’s second book Fire Red. I actually ran out of time, as there were going to be a lot more pictures than this. And at least one completed sketch had been cut out, as the background would have been difficult for me to create in such a short period of time. (I really do struggle with those.) I would like to think I did better backgrounds this time around as not everything is in complete darkness with random light sources.

The book was also more than twice as long as the first. I hope that, if she chooses that I make a third (I’ve already been looking at possible villains for the third), I will not procrastinate as much as I had and be able to complete what I had intended.

Wayne Introduces Jinx

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So, I haven’t been entirely idle in my absence. Though a good portion of it was me watching Doctor Who and working at my job. Besides acrylic paintings that have yet to be pictured, I have these two digital paintings. You all remember Wayne. A simple doodle that would end up a birthday card.

However, next to Wayne is Jinx, a character from League of Legends. (No, I don’t play, it was a gift to a friend.) This picture probably took at  least 24 hrs total, including sketching. I tried to go for a more realistic shading. I learned quite a lot during this process, including a new way of shading, though it does take a great deal longer. I also got to play around with effects and techniques I learned from my days working for Officemax. In the end result, I am fairly pleased with how it turned out.

It’s also that time of the year again. Christmas! I am busy working on Rose Red 2 for my niece so new illustrations will be coming soon. I have four sketches so far but I am still in the process of writing the book. It’s something I hope to finish before November ends (the writing part).

drunk wayne For Felix lighter

Waterfowl at Lake of the Isles

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Went to Lake of the Isles with a friend on Tuesday. Ducks came up to use looking for food and I got some decent shots of the female. All the male photos were pretty glare-y. Probably those iridescent photos. We also had a couple of geese swim right up to use.

All the photos have been edited to improve color or cropped a bit. I don’t much like to alter my photos more than that, but there was a piece of grass that really bothered me over the ducks eye so I fixed that.

Hawk Painting

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20141213_223213 20141213_23254720141213_235037

I forgot to post this after Christmas, mostly because it was a gift and I didn’t want my Aunt to see it. Here I was testing out my Gauche paint I have had since early college. I can’t believe I’ve never tried to use it before. (the projects we did with it were stupid silly and didn’t show me how these could be used so effectively!) Anyway, it had been a bad day that day and this was very therapeutic.  I am very happy how it turned out, though the background isn’t my favorite, but leaving it white seemed so out of place.

Either way, my aunt loved it. She does love her raptors!~

White Knight Wayne

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white knight Been taking a “refresher” from writing for a bit. So lots of Netflix, but I also created this. It was an idea my aunt gave me. I may make a damsel Crabcake eventually.


What I have been up to.

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I’ve been busy working on my first book in a Trilogy. I finally finished so that a selected few can read it and give me some criticism. This story was created seven years ago, but has drastically changed.

I felt bad for not updating in a while so I thought I would share a couple of doodles for you. The first is Aradia, the antagonist in my story, and Gwenifer the protagonist.  I usually can’t draw my characters from my head. I’m much better at drawing what I see…but this time they actually turned out alright.

The second is Zendreal, a sea monster that will appear later in the series. I needed a visual so decided to doodle. I just knew I wanted a huge, endless mouth….then I though of a pelican eel, and that is where the inspiration came from.

Aradia and Gwenifer

Aradia and Gwenifer



Edited Photgraphy

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I made calender’s for people for Christmas, so here is some of the edited photography. The latter four are ones I just had fun with while at work during a slow day.